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Library Juice Academy

Library Juice Academy offers online professional development certificate programs. The Arkansas State Library will offer access to select certificate programs.

All certification programs:

  • Are paid by the Arkansas State Library
  • Begins the first Monday of the month
  • Individual courses last either four weeks or six weeks
  • Coursework can vary by instructor
  • Require an internet connection and standard browser interface

The Arkansas State Library will provide access to ONE library certificate program per Federal Fiscal Year. Each certificate program has a set of requirements for completion. The following certificate programs that will be supported are:

Individual courses for certificate programs are taught asynchronously (meaning that you don’t have to be online at any particular time) and involve reading assignments, offline activities, and class participation. Emphasis is on student interaction with instructors and with each other, supported by a variety of class assignments. The instructors are librarians and LIS faculty who have developed specialized knowledge in the subjects they teach.

Registration Information

All library professionals employed by libraries located in the state of Arkansas are eligible to participate. Participants are limited to one active course at a time, must submit certificate of completion for each course requested, and must submit an evaluation to ASL. Participants who do not submit certificates and evaluations will be ineligible to request future Library Juice Academy courses supported by the Arkansas State Library.

Because courses are paid for by the Arkansas State Library with IMLS funding, course requests must be submitted through the Arkansas State Library’s online Course Request Form. Do not register through Library Juice Academy.

Course requests for certificate programs must be submitted to ASL by the 15th of the month PRIOR to the month the course will be conducted but can be submitted earlier.

2023-2024 Online Course Request Form

Library Directors and/or Administrators are allowed to take any 2 Library Juice Courses of their choice per fiscal year.  Library Juice offers courses in Strategic Planning, Community Engagement, Budget Planning, Library Trustees, and more. 

For more information, contact: