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2024 Summer Reading: Adventure Begins at Your Library

The 2024 CSLP Summer Reading Theme is Adventure Begins at Your Library.

Participating libraries may use the materials and the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CLSP) theme or create their own Summer Reading Program.

The Arkansas State Library (ASL) will provide online access to the CSLP 2024 Manual, Artwork, and Slogans. CSLP also provides PSAs that libraries in the state of Arkansas can use to promote their program on local media. ASL does not provide paper materials and promotional items. Libraries may purchase any themed materials directly from CSLP’s online store.

The CSLP manual includes an early literacy program, a children’s program, a teen program, and an adult program. Manuals include programming resources, book lists, activities. and more.

Craft Workshops

Public library staff responsible for summer reading programming are invited to 2024 Summer Reading Prep Workshops throughout January 2024. Workshops will focus on the 2024 SRP there, “Adventure Begins at Your Library” and will provide ideas for setting the scene for the theme with decorations and theme craft ideas.

Workshop Schedule

For more information on the Summer Reading program, contact: