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Rules Submissions

A.C.A. §25-15-204(e)(1)(B) requires all state agencies to file final rules with the Arkansas State Library as part of the Administrative Procedures Act. This includes final copies of new, amended, and repealed rules.

The Arkansas State Library accepts digital submissions of agency rules. Digital submissions may be sent to

Filing Rules with the Arkansas State Library

Procedure applies to final copies of all new, amended, or emergency rules. The following must be included with each submission:

  1. Agency Certification Form
    Make sure the Agency Certification Form is accurate and complete. Only one form is required per each rule submission.
  3. Financial Impact Statement
    A copy of the completed Financial Impact Statement should be attached to the end of each copy of a rule filed with the library.
  5. Printed Copies of Rule
    The number of copies required is based on how the rule is published and distributed to the public:
    • Digital Only: digital copies of the Agency Certification Form, Financial Impact Statement, and Rule.
    • Digital & Print: 4 printed copies of Rule + 4 copies of Financial Impact Statement + digital copy of Rule.
    • Print Only: 12 printed copies of Rule + 12 copies of Financial Impact Statement.

All digital files may be submitted via email to

Send print deposits to:

  • Arkansas State Library
  • State Publications Depository & Clearinghouse
  • 900 W. Capitol, Suite 100
  • Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

For more information or assistance, contact: