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Document Submissions

A.C.A §13-2-212 requires Arkansas state agencies, boards and commissions, state supported colleges and universities, to deposit copies of their documents with the official State Documents Depository at the Arkansas State Library.

The State Documents Depository accepts both current and historical state documents. Agencies must send documents to the Arkansas State Library (ASL) at the release of the first printing, or when published to an agency’s website.

Submitting Documents

All digital files may be submitted via email to

Print copies may be deposited at ASL in the manner most convenient to your agency. If available, delivery to the library via the State Courier Service is recommended.

Send shipments to:

  • Arkansas State Library
  • State Publications Depository & Clearinghouse
  • 900 W. Capitol, Suite 100
  • Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Number of Copies to Submit

The number of copies required by the Arkansas State Library depends primarily on the format in which a publication is published and distributed.

Digital Format

  • For documents published and distributed exclusively in digital format, the Arkansas State Library must receive a copy of the digital file, and the URL where it is published on the Internet. Send digital documents to ASL via e-mail at
  • Digital documents will be uploaded to the library’s Arkansas Documents Digital Collection, where they may be freely accessed and downloaded. Arkansas state depository libraries are then notified of a digital document’s availability in the online repository.

Digital & Print Format

  • For materials published and distributed in both print and digital formats, the Arkansas State Library must receive at least 4 copies of the print version, in addition to a copy of the digital file and the URL at which it is published.

Print Format

For documents published and distributed exclusively in print format, review the following guidelines to determine how many copies to deposit with ASL:

For more information or assistance, contact: