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Mockingbird Resource Sharing

Mockingbird, Arkansas’ statewide virtual union catalog, allows participating libraries throughout the state to share their catalogs with other libraries and with library users.

For Library Staff

Library staff of participating libraries can login to Mockingbird to place and manage interlibrary loan requests and to access the union catalog to copy catalog bibliographic records.

Library staff members may email for further assistance.

For Library Patrons

Mockingbird provides a single point of access to participating Arkansas libraries’ catalogs. Library patrons can search Mockingbird then submit a request to their local library to borrow materials from other libraries on their behalf.

Mockingbird is not a replacement for a local library’s catalog. It provides access to multiple library catalogs to provide additional resource discovery and access.

Patrons may search for materials by entering terms in the “All Headings” box to conduct a broad search. The dropdown menu allows patron to search more specific indexes, such as Author, Title, or Subject. The Advanced link next to the search box provides even more focused search options for finding materials in Mockingbird.

If seeking materials not found in Mockingbird, contact the local library for assistance.