ReachDeck® for Libraries

ReachDeck®, formerly known as Browsealoud®, provides easy-to-use inline accessibility tools for library websites and public access computers for patrons with diverse accessibility challenges. This simple toolbar addition gives web visitors instant access to supportive features helping to reduce barriers to digital content.


All public libraries in the state of Arkansas may register to use ReachDeck® through the Arkansas State Library’s statewide contract. There is no cost for Arkansas public libraries to use this service.

Accessibility Features

ReachDeck® may be embedded directly on a library’s website via JavaScript code, or installed individually onto public access computers via a Chrome browser extension.

  • Screen reading | Hover to Speak: Reads webpage text aloud. Text is selected by hovering over it with a mouse.
  • Screen reading | Play: Reads webpage text aloud. Patrons select an entire page or paragraph to be read.
  • Page translator: Translates webpage text to 99 languages. Screen reading support is provided to 40 languages.
  • Magnifier: Enlarges text as it is read aloud.
  • Picture dictionary: Displays word meaning through illustration.
  • Screen masking: Allows users to target a small screen area to minimize visual distractions.
  • MP3 generator: Generates an audio file of any webpage’s content for convenient offline listening.
  • PDF viewer: Enables ReachDeck®’s features for online PDF documents.

For more information about ReachDeck®, please contact: