Library Services During the Ongoing Pandemic

As more individuals are fully vaccinated daily interactions and library services can slowly begin to return to normal. The Centers of Disease Control & Prevention continue to recommend that individuals wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and avoid crowds or poorly ventilated spaces when you:

  • Are in public
  • Gather with unvaccinated people from more than one other household

For the time being, patrons and staff should continue the preventative behaviors that have been adopted over the past year. The Arkansas Department of Health continues to recommend:

  • Wearing face coverings over the nose and mouth in public
  • Limiting the number of people who can enter a facility at any one time to ensure that 6 feet social distancing can be maintained
  • Posting signage about COVID-19 symptoms and exclusions at the entrance to the facility (Flyers in English ǀ Spanish)
  • Providing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for employee and customer use

COVID-19 Health Guidances

Programming and Summer Reading 2021

Following the guidance above from the Arkansas Department of Health is the only way to safely resume in-person programming until we reach herd immunity.

Recommendations for Summer Reading 2021 include:

  • Host a virtual program with READsquared
  • Continue with social media programming
  • Continue with take & make kits
  • Plan outdoor activities
  • Stay flexible – this situation is changing by the minute

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