COVID-19 Vaccine Consumer Information

As more Arkansans are eligible to be vaccinated, library patrons may have questions about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. The vaccines were developed at unprecedented speed, and scientific and medical information can often be challenging for consumers to make sense of.

The following resources can help answer patrons’ questions. These resources are from respected health organizations that provide accurate vaccine information in everyday language. The following information should not be interpreted as medical advice and individuals with specific health concerns should consult with a healthcare provider.

COVID-19 Vaccine Workshop Toolkit

The UAMS Center for Health Literacy and the Arkansas Department of Health have partnered to address the need to provide accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines and to develop the COVID-19 Vaccine Workshop Toolkit to help community leaders provide this educational program. The toolkit includes an easy-to-read Community Guide for participants, slide presentation, and Leader Guide to help trusted community leaders host learning sessions.

Suggested uses for library personnel include:

  • Printing copies of the Community Guide and distributing:
  • On literature displays within your library
  • With each checkout, hold, or home delivery
  • Posting links to the resources on your library web site and in your social media outreach
  • Hosting your own community learning session

Vaccine Workshop Toolkit
English | Spanish | Marshallese

Vaccine Safety

Finding Accurate and Unbiased Vaccine Information

Herd Immunity

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