Bringing History to Life: News Reels from the Sherman Grinberg Film Library

On October 13, 2020, Manager of Digital Services Danielle Butler met with Lance Watksy, Manager of Media Archives & Licensing at the Sherman Grinberg Film Library. The two discuss Sherman-Grinberg’s ongoing collaboration with the Arkansas State Library to add digitized historic news reels to the library’s online digital collections.

Please enjoy the recorded video of their discussion, as well as the news reels shown in the video.

During the chat, Watsky covers the history of the Sherman Grinberg Film Archive and his motivations in collaborating with the Arkansas State Library. He also provides a demonstration of the Sherman-Grinberg website and digital collections.

Butler explains how the State Library chooses which news reels to include, and how these materials are thematically organized within the library’s digital collections. She also shares how the collaboration spurred the State Library’s Digital Services unit to initiate its own audiovisual digitization program. Once underway, the new project will create online access to analog media held in the library’s collections.

News reels referenced in the video: