The Yellow Cake Principle: Your Recipe for Influence and Success (Webinar)

September 6, presented by Roger Grannis

Would you like to have your cake and eat it too? The Yellow Cake Principle will show you how. Served up with a blend of actionable ideas and a generous dash of humor, the Yellow Cake Principle provides the ingredients you need to connect, influence, and persuade.

Need to connect better with patrons, deepen relationships with stakeholders, or manage difficult conversations? Whisk your worries away. After this program, those interactions will be a piece of cake. The laughter is just the icing.

Warning: The Yellow Cake Principle has zero calories but may be addictive.

Key Takeaways for The Yellow Cake Principle:

  • Gain agreement more easily using a three-step influencing model
  • Overcome resistance by speaking the four languages of persuasion
  • Improve relationships, results, and build community

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Roger Grannis – Biography

Roger Grannis brings the passion and artistry of a master chef to teaching librarians. His first job out of college was promoting a regional library network in Oregon. His client list is a who’s who of global business. GE. Wells Fargo. Synchrony. PepsiCo. Foot Locker. Symantec. Vertex. They’ve all gathered in his culinary classroom, learning how to create measurable business results out of the ingredients of persuasion.

Eagle Scout, writer, and family man, Roger is a TEDx speaker, the past-president of the New England chapter of the National Speakers Association, and author of the book, The Yellow Cake Principle: Your Recipe for Influence and Success. He brings high energy, high value, and high humor to every program.

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