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The Change Factor: Unravel Drama, Shift Dynamics to Transform & Thrive (Webinar)

May 15, 1 p.m., presented by MJ Callaway

Imagine a future where “change” in your library is met with enthusiasm and viewed as an opportunity for growth. Dive into The Change Drama Triangle theory to unravel resistance and stagnation, understand the roots of change-induced drama, and learn effective defusing techniques. Then, discover the powerful impact of The Empowerment Triangle (TED) theory, a positive alternative to embrace.

Along with real-life examples, you’ll get three essential practices for collaborative adaptation, triggering an optimistic ripple effect for you, your colleagues, and your library. Gain invaluable insights, proven practices, and strategic approaches to navigate change gracefully, purposefully, and positively.

As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Understand the reasons change causes drama.
  • Identify what The Change Drama Triangle entails.
  • Embrace The Empowerment Triangle (TED) for positively impacting your choices and life.
  • Apply positive practices to strengthen a thriving work environment.

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MJ Callaway — Biography

Mj Callaway, CSP As a former corporate sales trainer and only award-winning woman sales executive to rank #1 nationally, Mj knows first-hand the disruptions professionals, managers, and executive teams handle daily. Yet, they still need to be positive and productive.  She blends her experiences together, sales, speaking and journalism, to create interactive and impactful workshops. With more than 2,000 articles published in consumer magazines under her pen name, she’s interviewed hundreds of people from youth entrepreneurs to CEOs to non-profit founders to professional athletes. She has a unique ability to make others feel like they’re talking to a friend. Mj is a two-time cancer survivor, certified virtual presenter, and past-president of the National Speakers Association Pittsburgh Chapter.

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