PCI Webinars – July 2022

All webinars are held on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. Central time, and are hosted via GoToWebinar. Registration is required. Participants must submit a separate registration form for each webinar you are interested in attending. There is no limit to the number of webinars that an individual can attend.

Artificial Intelligence in the Library

July 13, presented by Lauren Hays

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. It is in our cars, phones, and homes. AI is also in our libraries. In order to make wise decisions, it is important that we understand where AI is already being used in our library’s databases and computer programs. This understanding can then lead to proactive discussions about where AI should be used and where concerns exist.

This presentation will include information about the current state of AI in libraries, future areas of growth in AI in libraries, and a discussion of ethical issues surrounding the use of AI.

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Library Signage 101: Communicate your Message Effectively and Strategically

July 20, presented by Mark Aaron Polger

This session will cover best practice guidelines when designing effective library signage; the process of conducting a signage audit (or inventory); and how to use different signage research techniques in order to get feedback from your users. Topics will include how to compose an effective signage message, design basics, the different types of digital signage, mounting/placement, and ADA compliance.

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Writing Project Evaluation Reports

July 27, presented by Phillip Vassallo

Challenge: One of the greatest challenges of writing evaluation reports occurs during the planning stage. Writers who efficiently and precisely compose lengthy work-related documents, such as meeting minutes, proposals, and justification reports, often falter when writing a project or program evaluation report because they might not have begun the writing process fully aware of its scope.

Solution: Writing Project Evaluation Reports helps writers in establishing the scope and criteria, collecting and analyzing data, and organizing an evaluation report. This webinar provides useful tips in grounding the writer during the planning phase of the evaluation report. Its main focus is to define critical terms and issues before tackling the writing assignment.

Scope: This webinar includes the following learning points:

  • Establishing the scope of an evaluation report
  • Determining valid and reliable performance criteria
  • Organizing principles of planning, progress, and completion reports

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