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PCI Webinars – December 2022

All webinars are held on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. Central time, and are hosted via GoToWebinar. Registration is required. Participants must submit a separate registration form for each webinar you are interested in attending. There is no limit to the number of webinars that an individual can attend.

Frustrated in Your Genealogy Search? Try the Census

December 7, presented by Maggie Rose

Have you dabbled in census research for genealogy? Would you like to learn how to read between the census lines? Did you know that you can gain more information than can be found by database searching alone?

In this program you will learn how to browse census records for a larger picture of your ancestors’ situations, their neighbors, and lifestyle. Find out the difference between civil districts, enumeration districts, schedules and sampling.

Discover tools that will:

  • Match census records to geographic areas
  • Help you browse records that have not been indexed
  • Teach you what samples are and what schedules available for browsing or searching.
  • Provide resources for further study

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A Shark & Unicorn Walk into a Library: Tips & Tricks to Boost Staff Morale

December 14, presented by Kim Bryant Welch & Alli Parker

This playful interactive session will give you a guide on understanding the importance of morale and why it’s essential in the workplace. Alli and Kim will help you identify low morale and provide practices and activities to boost morale through positivity. You will leave with guidance on how to maintain morale long-term.

This interactive session will:

  • Identify low morale and how it impacts staff/coworkers
  • Provide morale and behavior boosting activities using fun, directed tasks, and opportunities for teamwork and development
  • Identify ways to maintain morale long term

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Comic Books, Coding, Cosplay, Crazes, and D&D: Making Libraries a Hub for the Inclusive Nerd Culture

December 21, presented by Sarah Hall & Gloria Larson

In the 1980’s, nerd = social suicide. In 2022, nerd = the place to be for inclusivity! Fandoms and other cultural trends bring people together in a nondiscriminatory way. Come learn how you can increase the diversity of your library through programming, MakerSpaces, and other nerd-based resources. As the Jedi librarian would say: “Attendance leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to action, action leads to inclusion!”

Be prepared to welcome the nerd contingent with:

  • A short history of how the once marginalized “Nerd Culture” have now become one of the most inclusive communities in America
  • Ideas on events, clubs, and activities – both large and small in scope – to help make the library a welcoming destination for people of all interests in the community
  • A list of specific resources and books to build a foundational nerdy collection that can be used by all ages, abilities, and interests
  • Ways to discover what is popular with your patrons

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