After Care: How Employees Can Care for Themselves and Their Co-Workers After Difficult Patron Interactions (Webinar)

October 18, presented by Laura Greco

Difficult interactions often leave us rattled and we either want to bury the memory deep inside or chronically complain about them. Neither is helpful nor effective. We can care for ourselves and others individually and as a group. Discover some best practices (as well as some things to avoid doing) after difficult interactions.

As a result of this program, attendees will learn:

  • 3 aftercare techniques you can do for yourself
  • 2 practices that can be done as a group
  • 1 thing you can do for another team member

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Laura Greco – Biography

Laura Greco, RN, MEd is a certified wellness coach and speaker who facilitates learning and changing habits. She helps professionals eliminate burnout, manage stress, create life balance, and rekindle their sense of purpose and joy. Self-care (body, mind, and spirit) is the basis for well-being and we all have the capacity to make positive lifestyle changes are 2 of her foundational beliefs. She is the author of Wellness Made Simple.

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