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Whether you would like to become a future reader, recommend titles, or throw questions or comments our way, please contact the steering committee through one of the following:

2009 began a cooperative effort toward the establishment of the first Arkansas Teen Book Award. Arkansas recognizes quality children’s literature through the Charlie May Simon and Arkansas Diamond awards, yet the acknowledgment of young adult literature had been greatly neglected. Enter six Arkansas librarians whose goal was to fill this gap. The steering committee for the teen award now consists of public librarians and school library media specialists. Members include:

  • Nina Darley, Teen Librarian, Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library
  • Linda Green, Children's Librarian, Conway County Library
  • Katherine Higginbottom, Library Media Specialist, Cedar Ridge High School
  • Jessica McGrath, Outreach Coordinator, Arkansas State Library
  • Amy Miller, Head of Children's Collection Development, Central Arkansas Library System
  • Alicia Murray, Library Media Specialist, Rose Bud High School
  • Lynette Thetford, Library Media Specialist, Nettleton Junior High School


The purpose of this award is to encourage young adults across Arkansas to read.  The award recognizes books in two divisions: Level 1, 7th-9th grade and Level 2, 10th-12th grade. The books chosen for the final teen reading lists are read and voted on by teachers and librarians across Arkansas.  The steering committee appreciates the time and effort these readers put into reading and voting on their category of books.  This award would not be possible without their help and promotion!

Timeline (2 years are provided as examples)

2013 Award (2012 © books)

November 2012 Distribute teen reading lists statewide 
Noverber 2012-October 2013 Teens READ from lists
Teen Read Week 2013 Teens VOTE
December 2013 WINNERS announced
April 2014 Honor one winner at AAIM
October 2014 Honor one winner at ArLA 

2014 Award (2013 © books)

October 2012 Solicit readers and book titles for next year’s lists
March 2013 Decide on nomination reading groups; distribute nomination reading lists
September 2013  Readers vote on wild cards; finalize lists and announce at ArLA
November 2013 Distribute teen reading lists statewide 
November 2013-October 2014  Teens READ from lists
Teen Read Week 2014 Teens VOTE 
December 2014  WINNERS announced 
April 2015 Honor one winner at AAIM 
October 2015 Honor one winner at ArLA

Get Involved 

The award can only be successful with advocates: teachers, librarians, and teens across Arkansas. There are many ways you can help support this award.

  • Become a reader. This year’s final list of titles was selected by a large group of volunteer readers from across the state that included library media specialists, public librarians, academic librarians, and teachers.  Become a reader for next year’s award list!
  • Recommend titles. We are beginning to look for book recommendations that will be added to the upcoming year's Arkansas Teen Book Award reader list. Please offer up any books, keeping the following restrictions in mind:
    1. Unless the book can stand on its own, it must be the first in a series.
    2. Copyright date goes by the hardback edition unless it was originally published as paperback.
    3. Translations go by the US copyright date.
  • Promote the award. Print out copies of the award reading lists for teens in your library. Post the information in your library and on your school’s website, wiki, or Facebook page. Make titles from both lists available for your teens. Push teens to read and vote during Teen Read Week each year.
  • Stay Connected. Contact us with your email address. We want libraries and librarians across the state to get involved.